Accessibility and You – Take part in AccessAble’s survey

Posted: Tuesday 16 April 2024 | Louise Calpin

AccessAble provides detailed access information for venues throughout the UK. Each venue is assessed by trained surveyors, and this informs the Detailed Access Guides that they produce. They’ve surveyed 10,000s of venues across the UK and Ireland, including shops, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, railway stations, hotels, colleges, universities, hospitals and more.

Providing this information helps to ‘take the chance out of going out’ for disabled people, who can use these Detailed Access Guides to assess whether a venue they would like to visit is suitable for their access needs.

A study AccessAble conducted in 2018 highlighted the major accessibility gap for disabled people in the UK. The responses revealed that 98% of disabled people would be more likely to visit a venue if access information is available, and 76% would not visit a place if they did not have access information. The results also detailed the profound finding that 9 out of 10 disabled people feel anxious about visiting a place for the first time.

The more information AccessAble can gather about accessibility and the current climate for disabled people, the better equipped they will be to provide the tools and resources that help them. Therefore, they are asking for as many disabled people as possible to share their lived experiences and take part in the new Accessibility and You survey.

You can take part in the survey online at a pace that suits you. The survey contains multiple-choice questions where you choose your answers from the list provided, and also open-ended questions where you can share anything you wish to about the topic in your response. You will find all the instructions and guidance you may need on the survey webpage as you work your way through the questions, but if you have any further queries, please email AccessAble on